"Quite simply one of the most straightforward and effective 'hands-on' therapies available"   Jane Alexander, Daily Mail
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Bowen Technique in the Press
Tatler Magazine
October 2014
The ultimate beauty secret and it doesn't cost a thing
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Health & Homeopathy Magazine
Spring/Summer 2014
Soft Tissue Therapy - Understanding Bowen
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What Doctors Don't tell You
May 2014
Girl in a Coma
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Healthy Magazine
March 2014
Beginners Guide to Bowen Technique
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Testimonials in the Press
Praise for Bowen Therapy in the Media
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Yoga Magazine
Bowen Therapy
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Spirit & Destiny Magazine
February 2012
Real Life Healing - Bowen Technique - Migraines
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Essentially MIDIRS Magazine
November 2011
Bowen Therapy & Midwifery
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Vitality Magazine
September 2011
Bowen Therapy Helps Roll Away Chronic Pain
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CAM Lifestyle Magazine
October/November 2010
In the clinic, Bowen Technique provides the only answer for Coronation Street’s Jack
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Tinnitus FOCUS
Winter/Spring 2007
The Bowen Technique and tinnitus
By Janie Godfrey
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SPIN Magazine
August 2007
Controlling Meniere?s Disease with The Bowen Technique
By Lindsey Sandy
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The Daily Mail
April 24, 2007
Adventurer Bear Grylls' battle with back pain and high cholesterol
By Moira Petty
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Natural Lifestyle Magazine
July 2006
IN PRACTICE, behind the scenes with practitioners
by Sarah Yearsley
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Family Magazine
December 2005
A real help with fibromyalgia
by Janie Godfrey
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The Times
Alternatives Body & Soul 119, Saturday November 22, 2003
Kick the inhaler into touch
by Celia Dodd
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The Daily Express
October 13, 2003
Healing Power Of A Gentle Touch
By Lucy Miller
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The Daily Mail
Monday 8 July 2002
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The Times - Alternative Health Section
Thursday 3 February 2000
A frozen shoulder cure?
by Moira Petty
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The Daily Telegraph
August 4, 2000
Light fingers make many things work
By Sarah Lansdale
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In Touch - Journal of the Organisation of Chartered Physiotherapists
Autumn Issue 2004 No. 108
The Bowen Technique - Treatment of shoulders
by Julian Baker
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Primary Care Today
September/October 2003
The Bowen Technique ASTHMA: breaking the trigger
By Janie Godfrey - with thanks to Alastair Rattray
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Nurse 2 Nurse
Bowen Technique - Remarkable results with respiratory problems
By Alastair Rattray & Janie Godfrey
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Bowen Technique - Gentle and effective antidote to pain
By Janie Godfrey
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The Journal of the Neuropathy Trust
Issue 14, Winter 2002/03
The Bowen Technique, gentle communication with the body
by Janie Godfrey
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Osteopathy Today
September 2002
Bowen and Osteopathy - the Missing Link
by Julian Baker
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Your Horse
July 2002
Complementary Therapy of the Month: The Bowen Technique
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Massage World Magazine
June 2002
The Bowen Technique & Sports - A Winning Formula
by Alastair Rattray
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June 2002
The Bowen Technique: Simple, gentle, effective
by Julian Baker
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The Journal of Podiatric Medicine
Winter 2001
The Bowen Technique, a powerful, gentle and effective therapy
by Janie Godfrey
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Frontline: The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
October 4 2000, Volume 6, No 19
Bowen: simplicity in movement
By Karen Hodgson
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Health & Fitness Magazine
December 1999
The Bowen Technique
by Margaret Bartlett
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British Lymphology Society Newsletter
Issue 24, Spring 1999
Bowen And Lymphatic Drainage
by Eilish Lund
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Geelong Advertiser
Saturday, 3rd April 1999
Healing Hands - About Tom Bowen
by Karen Matthews
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Today's Therapist
Hands on, hands off: how Bowen opens the door to self-healing
by Julian Baker
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