"Quite simply one of the most straightforward and effective 'hands-on' therapies available"   Jane Alexander, Daily Mail
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October 14, 2013

Praise for Bowen Therapy in the Media


Daily Telegraph

"One real advantage of Bowen over other 'alternative' therapies is that many complaints are said to be treated after just two or three sessions, making Bowen treatment easier on the wallet."

Health and Fitness Magazine

"Some clients return for regular sessions simply for balancing and relaxation. It can be a form of protection as well. For some sports people it can actually enhance their performance."

Daily Express

"Derek Jameson was absolutely flabagasted when after just a few sessions of this gentle, hands-on therapy, his frozen shoulder problem was resolved."

Sunday Times Style Magazine

"Bowen has had good results with muscular-skeletal conditions, especially frozen shoulder and tennis elbow."

The Sun

"The Bowen Technique is a hands-on therapy which really works."

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