"The first few Bowen moves from Sarah had an instant calming effect. Sarah has magic hands".
Shirah Slark, Nutritionist, Ringmer
What Can it Treat?
sarah yearsley


Many acute and chronic conditions respond favourably to Bowen Technique, including:

Although musculoskeletal problems such as frozen shoulder, back and neck pain account for the majority of conditions brought for Bowen treatment, it can also be helpful with more organic problems.

Clients have reported significant improvements with asthma, migraines, irritable bowel, infertility and other reproductive problems. There are no such things in this life as guarantees and this can be said of Bowen as well.

If the body responds to the treatment, then it can and will start the process of repair. If it doesn't respond, then no harm is done.

The Bowen Technique is not a substitute for medical treatment. The information contained in this website is given for your information and is not intended to replace guidance from your doctor or other suitably qualified medical professional who should be contacted for advice if you have any health concerns.

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