What is Somatic Coaching?

Most people, especially in the world of work, live inside their heads, operating from their intellect. The intellect is of course incredibly useful. It is a gift that enables us to bring ideas into reality. But when over-used, it can easily lead to a feeling of imbalance. By accessing the wisdom of the body, there is the potential to break through frozen beliefs and stuck patterns of behaviour.

This type of work engages posture, shape, pattern, flow, space, rhythm, movement, stillness and breath. It also involves following our sensations, emotions and imagination. Working in this way helps us wake up to the untapped resources our bodies hold for living more fulfilling, wise and ethical lives.

The techniques of Somatic Coaching are intended to help us reconnect with the whole of ourselves and wake up to the untapped resources our bodies hold for living more fulfilling, wise and compassionate lives.

The word Somatic itself derives from the Greek word, σώμα (soma), which translates as the body in its truly awakened state. It was also the name of a drink that gave the Greek gods immortality. Somatic Coaching is concerned not just with the physical self, but also the emotional and psychological self and how they can unconsciously affect the human body.

Due to the pressures of modern life, many of us spend so much time in our heads that we lose touch with the processes of the body, diminishing our true selves in the process. Being aware of the workings of the body – our breathing, posture, movements, moods and speech patterns – throughout the whole day, and not just when we are exercising, helps us become more aware of how we are interacting with the world around us.

Somatic Coaching focuses on this vital interaction between the mind and the body. You will become more aware of your inner sensations, emotions, and the stories you tell yourself about who you are. These stories are not always positive. Over time they can become so ingrained that the conscious mind is no longer aware of them. Instead, they manifest in bodily effects – a slumped posture, muscle contractions, irregular breathing or a short concentration span to name but a few examples – to the detriment of the true self.

Somatic Coaching will help you recognise the unconscious patterns that you have been holding in a physical form. Bringing the experience of the whole self to the surface under the guidance of a Somatic Coach while in a deep state of relaxation will help bring you to a higher level of self-awareness. Only then will you be able to develop the tools needed to move forward to a more fulfilled and healthy future.