Bowen Technique with Sarah Yearsley

Simplicity And Effectivenes

Bowen Technique is suitable for all ages – and it can be used throughout pregnancy

Bear Grylls

TV Presenter and Best Selling Author

Sarah is a star! She has helped keep my body together despite taking a continual bashing climbing up mountains and through jungles filming a new Channel 4 Survival Series –  I am a convert!

Health and Wellness for Body & Mind

Move, Feel And Live Better

Soft tissue therapy focussing on muscles, ligaments and tendons

Miranda Hart

It’s easy to forget that our bodies store our fearful thoughts, so techniques like Bowen are fantastic and vital for stress release and holistic well-being. And who doesn’t love having their body gently twanged (as it were…). Especially when it’s a pro like Sarah doing the twanging!

John Bowden

I have osteoarthritis in a hip and a lifetime of wear and tear on the rest of me. The results following my treatments with Sarah have been astounding, giving me better movement and flexibility than I have enjoyed for years.
Bowen Technique Sarah Yearsley

Bowen Technique is a hands-on, soft tissue, remedial therapy. It is gentle and non-invasive, and the therapist uses only the thumbs and fingers to make gentle rolling movements over precise junctions of muscles, nerve pathways and blood and lymph circulation with periods of rest in between to allow the body to assimilate and respond to the information. These moves send signals via the brain to the body’s soft tissues to realign and relax themselves so that they can return to their natural, healthy state before tension or injury occurred. Pain is alleviated as the process of healing begins.

Many acute and chronic conditions respond favourably to Bowen Technique.

These include:
– Back Pain/Sciatica
– Compromised Immune System
– Tension/Anxiety/Sleep Issues
– Sporting Injuries/Sprained Ankles
– Neck/Shoulder Problems
– Whiplash/TMJ Dysfunction
– Frozen Shoulder/Tennis Elbow
– Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/RSI
– Asthma/Respiratory Problems
– Digestive Disorder/IBS/IBD
– Fertility and Gynaecological Issues
– Pregnancy Symptoms
– Hay Fever/Sinusitis
– Migraine/Headaches
– Chronic Fatigue/ME/Depression
– PMT/Menopause Symptoms
– Eczema/Skin Problems
– Stress/Tiredness
– Crohns Disease

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