The Somatic School
The Somatic School is the only programme of its kind to bring skills from a diverse set of established modalities together into one powerful framework for coaches.

Bowen Therapy Professional Association – BTPA
An Independent Association of Bowen Therapists with useful information about Bowen Technique, how it works and what it can treat with relevant research. Includes a directory of registered and insured Bowen Therapists as well as a directory of Bowen Children’s Clinics.

Sarah Yearsley Bowen Technique Therapy
College of Bowen Studies and Fascial Release Technique
Information about Bowen Technique including testimonials from Bowen Therapists and a useful directory for finding a Bowen Therapist in an area local to you.

NST Spinal Integration (Neurostructural Integration Technique)
Sometimes referred to as soft tissue osteopathy or chiropractics, NST also assists with the psychological and nutritional needs of individuals. Useful video clips demonstrating the technique and information explaining the fundamentals of NST ie Core Tensegrity and Spinal Integration.

Neurostructural Integration Technique 
A video explaining Neurostructural Integration Technique NST presented by Michael Nixon Levy.

The EMMETT Technique
The EMMETT Technique is growing in popularity around the world as a complementary therapy to assist in the relief of pain and discomfort.

The O-Lab
Better jaw alignment is proven treatment for a range of conditions from sleep disorders to cranial facial pain. Innovative and revolutionary TMJ Biodynamic system of biteware, to treat patients more accurately. Originally pioneered by Dr. Brendan Stack in the USA.

The difference between Bowen and NST
An article by Ron Phelan explaining the difference between Bowen and NST – Neurostructural Integration Technique.