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Sarah Edwards

Sarah Edwards

I’ve been really struggling with back pain for the last couple of years. I decided to give Bowen a try and VERY glad I did. Sarah is very knowledgeable and puts so much into it. I noticed an improvement after the first visit, it was amazing. I'm doing so much better and finally feel like I'm getting my life back. I definitely recommend giving it a go.
Derek Huntley

Derek Huntley

I started seeing Sarah for stress and even after the first session I noticed a significant improvement. She has certainly demonstrated how effective it can be for stress relief! Sarah is very welcoming, kind and understanding and a wonderful Bowen Therapist. The sessions are incredibly relaxing and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Stella Homewood

Stella Homewood

Sarah is a wonderful therapist with a deeply caring attitude and a professional yet intuitive approach. I have had great relief from my back pain even after the first session and I would highly recommend her. She also has a way of ‘seeing’ into the body and reading where the blocks are and addressing other life issues. A fully holistic approach and a highly skilled practitioner.
Lisa Gregson

Lisa Gregson

This treatment is like a miracle. One day I was on crutches unable to walk and after just one treatment I was walking pain free. Sarah truly is a miracle worker.
Sue Tarrant Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

Sue Tarrant

Following 6 months off sick with a slipped disk I was in a lot of pain with intermittent numbness in my foot. After 3 treatments I am much calmer and more relaxed now almost back to my normal level of activity. I am very impressed with Sarah and will continue treatments with her on a regular basis. Thank you.
rachel Donoghue Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

Rachel Donoghue

Not only did Sarah completely fix my back but she showed me some of the things I had been doing wrong and this has permanently altered the way I approach things.
Jane Dimelow

Jane Dimelow

Having suffered constant back pain for a very long time, a friend recommended Sarah and the Bowen Technique. I am so glad she did, Sarah is truly AMAZING, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is a very warm and friendly person and puts you at ease straight away. Sarah’s treatment has made such a difference to my back, I feel pain-free, even after my first session. The treatment feels very relaxing , and has made such a difference for me. A very BIG Thankyou to Sarah and The Bowen Technique.
Bear Grylls Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

Bear Grylls, TV Presenter and Best Selling Author.

Sarah is a star! She has helped keep my body together despite taking a continual bashing climbing up mountains and through jungles filming a new Channel 4 Survival Series -  I am a convert!
Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart

It's easy to forget that our bodies store our fearful thoughts, so techniques like Bowen are fantastic and vital for stress release and holistic well-being. And who doesn’t love having their body gently twanged (as it were...). Especially when it's a pro like Sarah doing the twanging!
Lucy Thomas

Lucy Thomas

From head to toe, inside and out Sarah, on my first session, has made a difference! I was recommended to visit after an ongoing hip issue, and who would have thought my dental issues would have be affecting my condition! She worked and considered all aspects of me in a very welcoming & relaxing session and I am looking forward to my road to recovery with Sarah.
Hannah Rowsell Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

Hannah Rowsell

I had complicated hip and knee problems due to a recurring attack of bursitis in my hip. Sarah hugely helped my mobility issues and Bowen is something that I would recommend to anyone. Especially with Sarah!  The reduction in pain and increased mobility after each session is very noticeable. I am now able to cycle 20 miles a week without pain and hike for much longer than I ever could before.
Anne Long Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

Anne Long

Having had major back issues, I found a renewed balance to my whole body with less pain and greater mobility. Sarah has a vast array of knowledge and passion for what she does. I can highly recommend her.
Lisa Derrick Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

Lisa Derrick

I was suffering from severe back pain and had tried everything when some friends suggested Bowen. I can literally feel my body reacting/healing during sessions with Sarah. Two of my daughters now also go to Sarah and we couldn’t recommend her more highly. An amazing and accomplished healer.
Lynee Ford Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

Lynne Ford

I had fractured my shin bone and had surgery which required screws being inserted. After my first treatment, I felt more aligned and found walking much easier. Subsequent treatments have helped me so much with all the physical work I have to do in my surgical job. Thank you so much, Sarah!
Lottie Bean Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

Lottie Bean

I had been suffering from painful sciatica, painful joints, and severe tension in my neck and shoulders. Sarah has tackled the root causes of my musculoskeletal problems which have reduced significantly. Bowen Therapy works miracles. It’s like magic!
Melanie Hart Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

Melanie Hart

I had been suffering with searing back and shoulder pain and had tried everything. I didn't want to visit a traditional ‘bone cruncher’ and was getting desperate. Three sessions later I was fine and have had no problems since.
Janine Edge Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

Janine Edge

It feels like a miracle when you have had a treatment with Sarah – and at the same time you know that it is her brilliant Bowen Technique skill and focus that does the trick. A few months ago she treated my sprained ankle, and I went from hardly being able to stand on my foot to charging off on a walk in just ten minutes.
Peter Owen Jones Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

Rev. Peter Owen Jones

In my experience the best healers don’t just have an impressive knowledge of anatomy and mastery of their chosen technique, they also have empathy and understanding. Sarah is clearly a very able practitioner of the Bowen Technique but also has the indefinable qualities of a true healer. I can thoroughly recommend her to anyone whose body is in need of an MOT.
Lucy Brandham Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

Lucy Brandram

I’d been having stress-related migraines three or four times a week. After three treatments with Sarah my migraines stopped – what a life-saver for me!
Shirah Mustardé

Shirah Mustardé

My 3½ year-old son, Owen, had fallen from a chair. He was wailing uncontrollably and unable to move his neck without pain. Sarah’s moves had an instant calming effect and within minutes he was completely relaxed. Owen says: “Sarah has magic hands”. I would agree.
Richard Bailey Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

Richard Bailey

The day after you straightened my back, I won my first race in my track cycling league. My back has been a limiting factor in my cycling for years. Since the Bowen treatments I have felt so much faster and more comfortable on the bike. Thank you, Sarah.
Vimala Sonagara Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

Vimala Sonagara

Whiplash injury, thunderclap headaches. I have had many health issues recently including whiplash. After Bowen the pain in my neck area was no longer there and the therapy helps me with managing stress levels. I definitely would advise you to try out Bowen therapy. Thank you Sarah.
Julie Healey Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

Julie Healey

While suffering with frozen shoulder, I was amazed that after one particular manoeuvre I could raise my arm fully up.
Rachel Baker Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

Rachel Baker

After three treatments my long-standing lower back, leg and foot pain had completely gone. I highly recommend this deeply relaxing non-invasive gentle treatment that really works.
Derek Smith Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

Derek Smith

I’d been told by my GP that steroid injections or even surgery would be needed to treat my frozen shoulder. I was amazed that after only two Bowen Treatments with Sarah I have regained full use and movement of my arm.
Sarah Pell Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

Sarah Pell

I have not felt this well for two years since leaving hospital following a stroke and heart attack. I‘ve been to the doctors this morning and I’ve had such good blood test results. Bless you and thank you so much.
Yvette Hammond Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

Yvette Hammond

Bowen is a fascinating treatment and helps to undo years of poor posture and all the associated problems as we age. I was extremely unwell from the effects of TMJD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). Bowen has made a huge difference to my life and I recommend it to everyone.
John Bowden Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

John Bowden

I have osteoarthritis in a hip and a lifetime of wear and tear on the rest of me. The results following my treatment with Sarah have been astounding, giving me better movement and flexibility than I have enjoyed for years.
tracey jane sullivan Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial

Tracey Jane Sullivan

Sarah is an absolute gem. Lovely person and she TOTALLY sorted out my chronic back problems which had plagued me for many, many years despite numerous visits to osteopaths/chiropractors. Don't just take my word for it though, go find out for yourself.
Davina Sarah Yearsley Client Testimonial


After my first visit to Sarah I felt like I'd had an 'energetic MOT'. It wasn't just my arm that felt better but my whole system. I have no idea how it works but for me it definitely does.