Derek (in his 40’s) was diagnosed as HIV positive about 16 years ago.

He used to do a lot of cycling and keeping fit until two years ago. Feeling pain in his muscles and joints, he stopped cycling. He also felt he had no energy and was unable to do physical work, such as gardening.

He went to a local clinic at the beginning of June for an aromatherapy treatment. Although he felt his energy level was raised afterwards, the pains and aches in his joints came back after 3 days.

His aromatherapist is also trained in The Bowen Technique and told Derek about it and suggested it might work better for him. With his consent, she carried out the initial treatment.

When he came back for the second treatment, he said he had felt very positive about himself since the first treatment and the pains and aches had not come back.

The therapist gave him another treatment. When he came back for the third treatment, he said he had done some painting in the house that morning and had been able to do some gentle exercise and that there had been no pain in his joints and muscles for two weeks!

Just before coming for the fourth treatment, he had been out doing some gardening. He is very pleased with the results of Bowen and said he had not felt like this until he started Bowen. He will be coming back regularly to keep the pains at bay.