Reynauld’s Syndrome

Girl, aged 17
R. was diagnosed with Reynauld’s Syndrome two years ago. In this condition, the blood vessels of the hands and feet are constricted as a result of excessive sympathetic nervous system stimulation. Sufferers are very sensitive to the cold and typically have to wear gloves and warm clothing and footwear. R. had one Bowen treatment while she was home on holiday from school and reported her response in a letter to the Bowen therapist:

‘I noticed for the next few days afterward that I was constantly warm and that I didn’t have to wear the usual number of layers of clothing. So this was definitely an improvement. I have also noticed that my joints seem to be ‘clicking’ far more frequently. Event the slightest movement triggers a click that, thankfully, is not painful at all.’

When R. is next home on holiday, her Bowen therapist would like to continue to explore the effect of Bowen on this condition.
Although Bowen is primarily thought of as a treatment for musculoskeletal problems, the effects of Bowen treatment 1 go way beyond just treating muscles in spasm and affect other levels of the body’s systems.

A feeling of well-being is a very common sensation felt by clients after a treatment. This sense of wellbeing affects pain and anxiety levels to one degree or another in a positive way. It is also a feature of the Bowen Technique that the re-balancing, which is started by the treatment, continues throughout the following week, and often well beyond that as has been seen by some of the cases referred to in this paper.

Julian Baker, the Director of the European College of Bowen Studies and author of the first book to be published about The Bowen Technique, says:

“The key to Tom Bowen’s success was his principle that very little needed to be done in order for the body to start the process of repair. The key element to understand about the Bowen Technique is that it is not the therapist that is doing the repair.

“The principles of The Bowen Technique start with the understanding and conviction that the body is capable of repairing itself, given the right time and conditions. Bowen is a treatment that creates a set of parameters whereby the body is own restorative ability is accessed.”