Sports Injuries

male, aged 23     4 treatments
As a cricketer and rugby player, H’s left leg was in a brace following cartilage removal and damage to the AC ligament.

His right leg was in plaster nearly to the knee due to further ligament problems and he was on anti-inflammatory tablets. Some severe pain followed the first Bowen treatment and the left knee became temporarily more swollen.

However, after four treatments the hospital verdict was that the knees were now very stable and that a further anticipated operation would no longer be necessary.


male, aged 30      2 treatments
A double fracture of the intercarpal bones of one hand, caused ten years previously from boxing, gave Derek continuing pain, despite ultrasound and other treatment.

The pain usually lasted for a week or so following training sessions. After one short Bowen treatment the pain vanished and after a second treatment there was no further problem despite further training and a three-round fight.


male, aged 30      2 treatments
A badly twisted knee in a rugby game put Dave off the field. He received immediate Bowen treatment and within days felt good enough to try running again.

However, it was still painful, so a week later he received a second Bowen treatment. Following this he was able to return to competition rugby at the weekend.


male aged 26      2 treatments +’top ups’
M was delighted with the results of the two Bowen treatments he received for his painful shinsplints.

He decided to continue to have treatments on a regular basis because, he said: “I am now performing better than I have ever done before. In the past, I always managed to do very well in the training but on the big day I never seemed to be able to match my training performance. However, now, I am actually achieving far higher placing in the over all order than I have ever done before.”

He puts this sustained improvement down to The Bowen Technique and continues to come for regular treatments because he believes that not only is it a performance enhancer but that it is also a preventative to injury.


boy, aged 14      4 treatments
D.’s tennis elbow not only kept him from playing tennis, but he was also unable to hold a pen to write. After the first treatment, his elbow was much improved the following day. He played in a tennis tournament after three days with no pain.

His right shoulder worsened initially but resolved within five days. After the five days, he experienced only occasional twinges in his elbow. After the second treatment, there was complete resolution of the tennis elbow.

D. returned after 14 months for treatment of a slight twinge in the elbow and 4 months after that for one further treatment for the slight pain in elbow and wrist. Each time, one treatment brought total resolution.


male, aged 28    1 treatment
D was attending a dinner some distance from his home and met a Bowen technique practitioner there. D was in great pain and could not stand for longer than 2 minutes at a time.

He had been a keen golfer but could certainly not play now. He was given only one treatment, as he was a visitor to the area. Four months later he wrote to the practitioner to say: “In the four months since your treatment I have had little or no pain… I am playing golf regularly again, swinging freely and without inhibition and my handicap is down to one again… I put my recovery completely down to Bowen.”


male, aged 21    2 treatments
As a student, R was a keen athlete and mountain biker. He had suffered from shinsplints for up to twelve years, usually triggered off by running.

Physiotherapy had proved painful and given no relief. Within a few days of the first Bowen treatment he was almost completely pain free and after two sessions he has had no recurrence of the problem a year later.


man, 30’s      3 treatments
“I recently changed my running shoes and began to notice an uncomfortable strain down my left Achilles. On finishing each run, the area would burn and be painful for some hours later.

This developed until actual running became impossible without pain. Direct work with massage and other hands on approaches to the area created little relief. On seeing a Bowen practitioner, a suggestion was made that the cause of the problem could actually be from the sacro-iliac joint in the lower back.

Three sessions working in this area gave permanent relief. I now see the practitioner only if I am preparing for a big race.”


woman, aged 33     1 treatment
A canoe rolling accident seven years previously had resulted in some loss of mobility in one shoulder.

N’s overarm swimming and canoeing performance were affected: awkward for an instructor! After only one treatment she was able to raise the arm to fully 90% (vertical) instead of about 75%.